One Backyard Chickens Do-It-Yourself Kit is $60.

The kit includes a 280 page instructional manual (PDF) and 9 narrated instructional videos (MOV) totaling 2 1/2 hours (7 GB).  In order to view the videos on Windows computers, there are a number of FREE options, including Quicktime, Media Player Classic, and HaiHaisoft Universal Player.  To view these videos on a Windows computer using Windows Media Player, install Quicktime Alternative.

At the heart is the 'living floor'.  You will learn how to cultivate and harness the transformative action of Indigenous Microorganisms (IMO, for short), the invisible movers and shakers of the microbial world.    Simply get these powerhouses growing in your coop's natural litter floor, and watch the magic happen.  The microorganisms absorb and neutralize the chickens' waste products, rendering a clean and fresh-smelling environment that's a pleasure to maintain. 

With the living floor as its foundation, Master Cho builds a holistic structure for producing healthy, happy hens whose unique DNA expectations have been met.  From digestion-enhancing chick feed and a simulated mother's wing to a specialized egg-laying box and careful climate control, your hens' contentedness will demonstrate just how effective this system is.

Imagine your birds being able to eat a wide variety of greens, many of them common and easy-to-grow plants such as moringa, water hyacinth, or comfrey.  And you'll learn to ferment what chicken feed you do buy to optimize its nutrition.

Make a chicken watering system that stays clean.  Make mineral supplements from red soil, eggshells, bones, milk, bananas, and rice.  Cook up a special oriental skin healing salve from the yolks of eggs.  It's all there in HOW TO RAISE CHICKENS WITHOUT A STINKY MESS AND OTHER 'FOWL' PROBLEMS. 

This 2 1/2 hour video, 280 page manual kit gives you the in-depth information to do it all, presenting you with an economy model (that costs less than $25 in materials) and a standard model, Dragon's Eye Farm personnel lead you through complete design sketches, supply lists, and step-by-step instructions to build a portable "chickmobile" for your hatchlings.  Two models of adult bird enclosure are also demonstrated.   Between the manual and the video, you'll find every angle, every dimension, and many useful suggestions needed to get the job done right. 

Would you like like to know how to raise backyard chickens without a stinky mess and other 'fowl' problems?  Thanks to Master Cho of Korea, there is now a simple and effective way to avoid the flies, the manure, the disease, and the bedding replacement costs of backyard chicken husbandry.  Learn the details of this system in Dragon Eye Learning Center's new Do-It-Yourself Kit.